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The George Lucas in me. Pro Video vs Consumer Video

May 15, 2012

Is not about the special effects. Is about the story

I’m going to be very honest with you, I really don’t like Star Wars episode 1,2 and 3. The story is awful, the characters are not believable, quite simply I can get that sensation you get when you see and incredible movie such as Schindler’s list or Shawshank Redemption. There is one thing the Star Wars prequels have, a whole bunch of special effects

Star Wars Han Solo - Chewbacca

Thank God they didn’t destroy the character of Han Solo. Sadly not the case with Chewbacca

You may be asking what this had to do with social video marketing? Well, if you are a video producer with advance video editing softwares you can do almost anything you want, but that does not mean people are looking for that awesome special effects extravaganza.

According to comScore “Synergy of User Generated and Professional Video Content” webinar, user generated product videos are more enjoyable at grabbing consumers attention and can be a compelling vehicle for advertisers to utilize into marketing communication. In general using both type of videos (professional and consumer generated) will generate improvement in the communication of the key message. This means that you can use both type of videos to maximize your video advertising campaign, but be aware of the story of your video.

Back to the Star Wars prequels, they have incredible special effects, but the story is not clear. Watch this video review of episode 2 to see what I’m talking about (may contain explicit language). For Internet marketing videos you don’t have Mr. Lucas budget, but you can create a good video (either consumer or pro) if you have a good story. In marketing this translate to what necessity does the story is fulfilling your viewers. A good example are the Whiteboard friday videos from SEOmoz. The George Lucas in me was saying “A video with a whiteboard, what a piece of junk!”, but those videos are actually REALLY good because they answer what their audience is looking for. Their “story” have:

  • A “main character” (which is basically you)
  • The “antagonist” (which could be Google)
  • The plot (decisions the character have to make to succeed, in this case using seo techniques and others)
  • An easy to follow “sequence” of organized bullet points (beginning, middle, end).

You can deconstruct a video and make it a story. I will talk about the subject in detail in another post. Of course you could go over the top creating a virtual whiteboard hologram in After Effects, but if the message is not what your audience is looking for your video will fail.

As you know I don’t like talking face videos, but I don’t consider the SEOmoz videos talking face because they are using a whiteboard (a prop basically) which they brilliantly color the text to have a more compelling image. Also they are great speakers which is extremely important for this type of videos. The lesson here is that you can make a video without professional equipment as long as it have a good story. Your video will have the solution to your viewers problem, but with additional storytelling excitement. Remember to step away from talking face videos and always aim to do something more visually compelling. Read “Video Editing for Bloggers” to know how to create such a video.

NOTE: I got nothing against George Lucas. He a great filmmaker and entrepreneur (probably more entrepreneur than filmmaker). I dislike the Star Wars prequels because I grew up with the original movies and got too attached to them (I even had a Millennium Falcon toy ship). The original movies in my opinion have an excellent story, great characters and incredible visual effects, way ahead of their time. For me in the prequels they just throw every possible special effect to cover the bad story. At least they are fun…

Which will you most likely use, a pro or a consumer video? Leave a comment

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