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As email inboxes become more and more crowded, email marketers are challenged to find new ways to increase email open rates, engagement time and response rate. Email Video Marketing Strategies. A How to Guide for Email Marketing Professionals will teach you about video email advertising, how to email a video like a pro, how to create a video for email and much more. Here is the table of content of this FREE video email marketing ebook:

I. One Big Trend in Email Marketing is Video [INFOGRAPHIC]
II. The Two Broad Categories of Email Video

III. What You Should Not do in Video Email

IV. Common Uses of Video Email

V. Basic Step by Step on How To Make a Video for Email
        5.1 Not Everyone can make a good Video
        5.2 Pre-Production (Preparation)
        5.3 Production
        5.4 Post- Production

VI. How To Send Video Email Messages
        6.1 The Importance of the Picture
        6.2 Upload your Video and Image
        6.3 Creating the Email Video Landing Page
        6.4 HTML Email Message (with Aweber)

VII. Why You Should NEVER Link Your Video Directly to Video Sharing Site

VIII. Conclusion

Email Video Marketing Strategies

Camera for Email Videos

Learn the three basic steps of video production

Email Video Conversion Rate

72% of marketers indicate video email marketing generate higher purchase rates

Email Video Product Demonstration

Learn about the five common uses in video email

This ebook teaches you what is video email and all you need to know on how to make email videos. To get this ebook completely FREE just click the “Download Ebook” link above.

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