About lomaymi

Luis Oscar Maymí (@lomaymi) is the co-owner and idea guy of “Xeneuxe Corp”, which offer services in Internet Marketing, video production, graphic design and web design in Puerto Rico.

Puerto Rico Internet Marketing

If you don’t know, here is Puerto Rico.

Luis is a dedicated and an extremely passionate person, ambitious when it’s time to work. He usually designs a plan in advance, which only he understands and it needs to be written on a piece of paper or notebook first. He tends to be a little spontaneous and has some weird obsessions such as playing with a pencil while editing a video and sit curled up in his chair (apparently this helps him concentrate a lot)

lomaymi video editing

This is how Luis edit videos (for some reason…)

Luis has extensive knowledge in video production and editing, using Adobe Creative Suite 5.5 Production Premium.

Luis loves this box

He has learned to make video by himself, reading a lot and experimenting with different things to produce a good video (such as stealing a cardboard box to make a light reflector)

DIY Reflector with Cardboard

The police almost caught Luis! 

Luis is a strong believer in the potential everyone has and he expects great results from everyone because he believes each person has something awesome to share with the world.

Want to contact Luis? Here’s how you can successfully get his attention (yes, this is another one of his obsessions, step by step process)
    • Use the contact form below. Write a good (NO SPAMMY) subject. Luis HATES spam.
    • Follow Luis on Twitter and mention him telling that you contact him via the webform of the blog.
    • Luis speaks English and Spanish so feel free to contact him in any of this languages.